Wednesday, November 10, 2004

An Aussie MBA

I am Suhit Anantula from India.

I am on my way to join a MBA course in Australia. This weblog will chronicle my journey from Why an MBA? , Why in Australia? How? and all through the two years.

Why a Blog?

I had started blogging from Feb 2003. My blog World is Green was launched in Dec2003 and from that day I have been a die-hard blogger. I have learnt immensely from blogging and also have developed a good network of people. Another added advantage is the ability to build a brand : You!.

The important lesson has been focus. A blog focussed on a particular theme is more useful to the writer, reader and the occasional visitor. The concentration of connected information in one place provides a much needed understanding due to its wide variety of posts through time. Hence, the need to start a blog for my MBA.

One of the main responsibilities for blogging is the need to continously blog and at the same time not making it a burden on oneself. The day it starts becoming a burden to me I will stop it. Till then, I will continue to devote myself to it.

As an aside, a note on the blogging software. I use wordpress for my Rural India Blog. At the same time I have decided on using blogger for this blog. One of the main reasons has been the simplicity of using Blogger. The other important thing to note is that I do not need the ability to categorize information in this blog (which blogger does not provide). So I am guessing I will be happy with using blogger.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering if you could be so kind as to tell me how you got your language links to work. I have followed the instructions but can't ever seem to get them to work.

Thank you!


Posted by john

26 April, 2005 18:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hola soy de Argentina y estoy haciendo un curso sobre el blog y caí de casualidad en tu página. Simplemente queria saludarte desde aquí.

29 April, 2005 07:53  
Blogger librespondent said...

I just happened to find your blog and read it with interest. Your decision to go for an MBA at a good school was an excellent one.

I received my MBA in 1958 and liked it so much that I went on for Ph.D. in Business at Columbia in New York City, which I completed in 1963.

After that I had a wonderful career with Mobil Oil and IBM followed by 33 years of teaching MBA's and BBA's at Pace University, also in New York City.

I retired two years ago and have kept busy digitizing my life-time collection of five thousand photographic slides. Recently, I looked in on blogging and just started my own blog at

10 May, 2005 11:33  
Blogger Nelson Alvarez said...

Hi, I'm working in my blog, and in my Tesis to obtain a Business Amdministration Title (Ingenieria Comercial en Chile)

I want to develop a paper about blogs...

Do you think blogs like a Marketing tool for business???

based in your experience, what can you say?

Thanks and sorry for my english

27 May, 2005 07:28  
Blogger allison said...

Hi you seem to be very knowledgeable on blogging. I just started one today and am having trouble adding links. In your "about me" column, how were you able to include your links?

01 June, 2005 13:35  
Blogger warrior said...

hey i feel so much like a adirtball after seeing the class job youve done on your blog dude. i was playin around but now maybe Ill have to think more seriously about what the content can actually contain! THANX! FRiends?

07 June, 2005 12:16  
Blogger Ameya said...

Great Blog Yaar,
Really fun going through it.
I'm currently doing my PGDBA from the Indo-German Training Center at Mumbai and the horizons of thinking that business school environment opens up for you is really too good...!!!!
I have been writing short stories and have just started blogging this week.check it out.

08 June, 2005 20:51  
Anonymous mg said...

hii i landed to ur blog incidentently while searching for a MBA.i fount it quiet intresting...and informayive. you are doing a good job.out there ..

thank u..

13 October, 2005 21:52  
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