Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Why MBA?

The Master's in Business Administration is one of the most sought after degrees in the world. The degree originated in the great capitalist country, USA and has now spread its wings far across the entire world. The course brings knowledge, experience, value and above all a good take off point to a career.

The business world some 50 years back was not as complicated as it now. Most of the best managers "climbed up the ladder" and there were no "lateral entries" back then. In fact Managers itself was not a common term among many of the biggest corporations. One of the most professionally managed big business of that time, General Motors was built by managers like Alfred P. Sloan and so was General Electric but they were seldom called 'managers'.

In fact Management as a discipline was invented by Peter Drucker by the way of his seminal study of General Motors in the "Concept of the Corporation". This was the first book which explained what management was and how it was creating the biggest change in society by creating and managing large organisations. Drucker went on to provide the benchmark of Management and management or business books by the publication of "The Practice of Management". He then took a step forward a wrote about the Manager or as he later changed the much abused word to "Executive" in "The Effective Executive".

Through time the schools of Harvard, Columbia (where Buffet graduated from) and later Stanford etc began to define the study of management and the skills need for the manager.

The need to better create change in the society through organisations has become the major tools of the 21st century. The concept of management, which until the 1970s was restricted to large businesses, has started flowing downstream to small and medium enterprises. This was best explained by Drucker in his book Innovation and entrepreneurship. The definitive guide to entrepreneurship and its main tool - Innovation.

The concept of management went through another major change when it was started applying to as varied institutions as the hospital, the university, the community center, the church, the government. Every institution is now in the ambit of management which in effect would mean the entire society.

Due to the rapid growth of population, resources and requirements we have created varied institutions to effectively manage ourselves. The way to accomplish this is the organisation and the tool - Management.

From where I see, I do not see an MBA as an education to manage a business but a "set of codified knowledge" which will help me to create, run and manage varied institutions which will help to bring about change in the society.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a good link on "Why MBA?" which won best article at Wharton 

Posted by Ramdhan Yadav Kotamaraja

17 January, 2005 07:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Posted by Anonymous

27 April, 2005 13:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MBA is NOT the most sought after degree in the world. In Canada, for example, CAs (Chartered
Accountants) are in higher demand than MBAs and CAs also make a lot more than MBAs. If you want to be in a senior executive position, the fastest way to get there would be is if you had a CA designation. This is probably the same in Australia since there are many CAs there.

29 April, 2005 10:32  
Blogger Vince said...

I'm interested in your content on your blog. I attended a prestigious business school(undergrad) in the US, and was currently contemplating obtaining an MBA. I would be interested in conversing with you more about the actual content/subject material you cover in your Australian school.

04 May, 2005 06:20  
Blogger arisia said...

hey there....i'll agree with vince in saying that the contents of ur blog are very interesting. i wish to pursue an mba too after my post grads done and will come back and visit the blog for more info.

16 May, 2005 15:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I very much enjoyed the posting about a "heart with a path." I recently finished the first year of my full time MBA program. I am reflecting on the past year and deliberating whether or not to go back. I felt the whole time as though I was swimming against the current of my nature. I had not anticipated all of the demands an MBA places on you outside of the classroom. My journey to learn has been a journey through hell in which I have basically jumped through one hoop after another just to say I did it. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has had a similar experience, and what their advice would be to someone in my shoes.

17 May, 2005 05:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi suhit,
i like the flow of your journey called - " mba in australia". its a good thing a very informative spot for future aspirants. frankly, speaking i am looking at an internatonal mba, bcos i feel cheated by the indian education system, the major loop hole i see is that till date the b-schools in india still wanna enroll the future managers on a competitive exam called CAT. the media only builds this hype. so let me tell you where the flaw comes. i just wrote the cat in 2005, and believe you and me, the whole experience is absurd., 8.15 and ppl come to the centre, with 500 pages of formula still being crammed , a closer look and you see 90 % of the candidates are just college students. 10 % may be the experienced lot. write the exam, and now when you come out you see hordes of parents waiting anxiously for their wards, their sheer numbers leave me aghast, with a feeling that this exam is for a P.G program and i suppose the student should be mature enough to write this on his own, reminded me of the time iwrote my 12th exams, and i would run to my parents with the outcome of the results. these guys and an mba...are as distant as pluto from the sun form the business point of view. now lets analyse the CAT itself, the paper tests you on twisted 10th math in a time constrained environment. trust me if i bring a class 10 topper, he would be able to walk out of the paper happy scoring full, would the IIMs admit him, they should cos technically he has cleared the paper. why on earth should a person aspiring to be a manager, write a paper which solely consists of math, logical ,etc..what happens to people who have ben thru the system, experienced people, cos i fel it is they who truly ned an MBA to understand business better. i just happenned to look at GMAT and i was really pleased to see that firstly they ask for work ex, tis itself shows they are looking atpeople who really feel the need to possess an mba, then there are
sections where you get to write abt your self,giving the exmainer your character description of your mindset, thru the essays one writes. this i feel is unlike the "MBA SABZI-MARKET IN INDIA- WHERE MBA IS SOLD LIKE A COMMODITY".all this and we as indians wonder why isnt our economy not growing.. heck man, you need a pragmatic manager to run a corporate not some nerd or a geek who is fresh out of colege,and has cracked a couple of exams testing him on his fav grounds-math.etc having no experience at all in the field.The reason i speak of this is because ironically iwork in an orgainsation selling these programs from the IIMS to working exec's thru satellite studies. i just got 3 words to this....DARN THE CAT..

18 January, 2006 16:53  
Blogger abdul said...

I am Abdul. I have finished my B.E(CSE) and working in a software concern.I have a zeal to study mba in australia. Can you please tel me about the various oppurtunities and best sught after institutions for mba.I would be great if i would be able to have a discussion with u

09 July, 2008 00:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am interested in this blog and specifically the comment which is given Anonymously , starterd with Hi Suhit.... You are great buddy. I like your comment about CAT.
Can anyone give me the idea about all those materials which is needful for GMAT and online sources also.

01 August, 2008 06:10  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hie thanx 4 such an wonderful job u r doin..
let me temme abt myself i hv completed my graduation last yr frm d university of mumbai n i hv 1 yr experienxe in marketing n i wnt 2 pursue an MBA in australia so plz cn u temme abt d top universities n abt d visa n general knowledge

18 March, 2009 20:37  
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