Tuesday, April 19, 2005

In Adelaide

I reached Adelaide this morning. UniSA sent me a "statesman" to pick up from the airport and put me in a backpackers called 'Shakesphere" where every room is named after novels or events from the literary giants writings.
The University of South Australia is a 10 min walk from the place. The university was efficient and friendly. I got all the basic stuff done like student ID cards, security cards to enter the buildings, enrollment, appointment with the director.
Next on, I made a few Pakistani friends who introduced me to a Indian student in UniSA. Will meet him in the evening and work on the accomodation. Finding a decent accomodation at a cheap rate is the most important thing for me at this point in time.
Living at the "backpackers" with all my 50+ kg luggage is not easy. Booked the backpackers for a week so need to find a new place by then.
Today evening at 3 PM will be my session at UniSA. This is for International students to understand the various requirements of the UniSA programs. This is important to Asian students as the universities back home are very different in the way they teach and test.
About Adelaide

Adelaide is a small city with good infrastructure. Most of the places in the city are easily accesible if you have a car. By the public transport they are still accessible but sometimes tough. This is the feedback from some of the students in the city. Need to know from my own experience.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Suhit,

Please keep us up to date on Deeshaa Network while you are away.
The only foreign country I have visited is Mexico, which actually is
not that foreign in Texas, which was part of Mexico before a lot of
immigrants decided to steal it for themselves. Parts of Texas and
other border states are still more like Mexico than they are the U.S.
Los Angeles would probably be the second largest Mexican city
if it could be moved across the border.
Good luck, be well and please give us frequent updates and your
impressions of Australia and the "aussies.'

Best wishes, Frank


Posted by Frank McNeill

22 April, 2005 00:16  
Blogger mexicomeat said...

Kewl. I live in Adl too (working here as s/w engg). I am planning to do MBA or some project management degree from UniSA. Do you think its worth it?

02 May, 2005 01:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good to go through this site and offcourse the comment that are posted, hve been real help for me. i am going to join master in adelaide this november but have no prior job experience, i was wondering is there any chances for student like me to get p.time job that is enough for living and also for next sem college fee.

29 August, 2007 19:17  

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