Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Subscribing to this blog

You can also subscribe to my blog through e-mail or RSS/XML Feed.

The e-mail subs will take you to a yahoo group where you can join and recieve a the posts as they are blogged, or a daily digest or just read them on the web.

The RSS feed needs a feed reader. You can check out My Yahoo or Bloglines for this.


Blogger Thomas said...

How much longer to graduation?

11 May, 2005 19:46  
Blogger Ram Dhan Yadav said...

Wow, so yahoo groups can detect blogger posts automatically ??

11 May, 2005 20:36  
Blogger said...

I will be subscribing to your blog. You have a very interesting blog!

11 May, 2005 23:29  
Blogger Ed said...

I'm also MBA in University of Adelaide by studying abroad in HK, nice to meet you !!

12 May, 2005 11:59  
Blogger Benoit Lapierre said...

hi from canada

12 May, 2005 16:18  
Blogger Sunil Natraj said...


Being an Indian it makes me so proud to see your blog right up there. All the b\very best for your MBA.

P.S I am planning to do MBA from Autralia too.

12 May, 2005 16:39  
Blogger Suhit Anantula said...


Its pretty simple infact. I use the mail-to service in blogger to send the posts to Yahoo groups which then sends to all the people subscribed to the group and acts as a newsletter.

So everything is automated.


Great to know that you are doing your MBA too. Uni Adelaide is considered to be good. Hope you are having a good time in HK.


Thanks for the kind words. All the best for your mba.

12 May, 2005 16:47  
Blogger toukki said...

Helo :)

I am from Malaysia :) Your blog is great. Im currently in my final undergrad of Curtin and will be off to UWA in feb 2006 for my teaching course.

Perhaps 3 years later (due to pre-requisite of least 2 years work experience) I can have MBA :)

Im keen to learn from you.

14 May, 2005 12:10  
Blogger RK said...

Very useful blog! I must hand it to you....

Did you see this one yet?

15 May, 2005 00:09  
Blogger Suhit Anantula said...


I did see your blog.

I think you have made your point very clear.

16 May, 2005 12:11  

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