Thursday, November 24, 2005

The End of an Era - Drucker Dies

If there is one person I can claim to have read, followed and learnt from is Peter Drucker. He is thinker extraordinaire.

Sadly, Dr. Drucker died on Nov 11th 2005 at the ripe old age of 95. I feel a sense of sadness as I have been his fan for a long time now. I feel as if a dear one has died.

Drucker is hailed by many as the "father of management". the Economist recently wrote that he is " one management thinker every educated person should read".

Of the 40 odd books he wrote I own atleast 18 of them. I am a big fan of Peter. Whatever I have learnt about management, my princilples, the thinking patterns, the big picture ideas have come from him. If not for him, I would not be what I am.

For me. Drucker is the one person everybody should read. Not only has written widely, he has a big heart and a continous view on the long-term, history and big picture stuff. Above all Drucker shows the "direction", he is the "compass", he talks a lot about "effectiveness" and it is upto us to find the tools to get that done.

Doing my MBA I miss reading him. I am surprised that my Uni does not suggest his books at all. Very strange. The MBA is full of tools and stuff. Somehow learning tools would make a smarter decision maker.

Drucker shows the way - the path to take. Tools will help us get there faster, better, easier etc.

If you have not read him, please do read him. I re-read him every time I come across a problem and find new ideas. He will be missed.


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