Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Indiblog Awards

The 2004 Indiblog awards are here. Wonders of Wonders, WorldisGreen, my blog on rural India, has been nominated in the Indiblog of the year category.. I am very thankful to the jurors to have nominated me. This is a tough contest to win, but being nominated means that there are people out there who are following my blog and are interested in understanding and solving the problems of rural India. This makes me feel real nice.

Anyway, the heavyweigths in the category are people like Atanu Dey and Rajesh Jain. There are other people I know like, Yazad and Nitin Pai in the Best Topical IndiBlog category., Prashanth Mullick in the Best Indi-Photoblog category. Dina Mehta has been nominated in the Indiblog Lifetime achiever. There is Zoo Station which was started by a dear friend Reuben Abraham as a personal blog and was converted into a group blog is in the Best Group IndiBlog. Veer Bothra who works for Netcore has worked hard in building one of the first blog centric websites in the world Blogstreet. The Indian version, Blogstreet India, was launched last year in nominated for the Best IndiBlog directory/service. And then there is the Tsunami Help blog.

And BTW, my vote is for Deeshaa.org, written by Atanu Dey for the IndiBlog of the year.

One very nice thing, a lot of the people I know are in the blog nominations and a few whom you can call blog friends.


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