Thursday, February 24, 2005

Addicted to Google

How many of you use Google and its associated services in a day or week. Here's mine.

Google the search engine is almost a compulsory daily use. Anywhere between 10-20 searches a day and sometimes more. Gmail is another service. The first site I open after I open Firefox. Then, I use Blogger for blogging. I use Picassa for managing my photos. Today Hello started working behind firewalls and proxy's. I am using Hello now for my Photo Blog. I use Google Desktop for most of my searches on my computer unless it is music or PDFs for which I use Yahoo (X1). I use Google Adsense on my blogs. I use Google Groups and the Usenet through Google Groups.

I am sure those in North America would love the new Google Maps. Froogle is one service I use the least, may be because I am located in India.

Google Images Search, Scholar and other services of Google can be clubbed under Google searches.

The only missing link is the Google Browser, Google IM and the Google Virtual Internet Drive (a Gmail Drive is currently available) along with some Notepad like service and with PIM tools. Complete this and then there will be very few aspects of your online life which is not connected to Google.

Slowly Google is becoming the next Microsoft in terms of its dominance in this connected world.


Blogger Jean-Baptiste R said...

google addicted yeah... are we all same?=?

13 January, 2008 05:20  

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