Saturday, February 19, 2005

Deeshaa Network in The Feature

Howard Rheingold, author of Smart Mobs, writes a regular column in the Feature. His latest article is about the use of Mobile phone technology for farmers in the developing world.

Interesting part of the article is that Howard has mentioned the Deeshaa Network. Thank you Howard.

Deeshaa Network uses the same Drupal software that the Howard Dean campaign used so effectively as a groupblog and information portal dedicated to "bring about greater participation in the economic development of India by providing a platform to collaborate and cooperate."

In my previous role as the Project Manager in Deeshaa Ventures I had hit upon the idea of using the yahoo groups to start the Deeshaa Network to create a community around the project RISC. This community has grown in the past year to ~300 members with people like Kevin Werbach from The Wharton School as members.

My partner-in-crime in, India's first Interactive vortal on the outsourcing industry, Ram Dhan, then helped me convert this group into the Deeshaa Network using the Drupal open source technology. Ram Dhan also hosts the network for free!

Its a good motivation to have been mentioned my Howard in the article.


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