Saturday, February 12, 2005

Broadband2 in Australia

Internet access is vital for me. I use the cable system for access in Hyderabad, India where I get speeds of 100 kpbs for Rs. 500(~A$14) a month. This is decent speed and the best part is that there is no download limit which is very important for a power user like myself.ٍ

SlashDot informs me that iiNET has started a new broadband service in Australia which can provide speeds upto 8MBps (8000k) way above what we are used in India. iiNET provides the at low costs and has a decent size limits on their plans. If you take the broadband connection with the iiPhone then you can get double the download limits along with a reduced combined cost for the phone and internet access.

The one think which I liked about the broadband access is the idea of "shaping". This happens when you reach your download limits and the speeds are automatically cut to 64k without any additional rentals. The other good part of the plan is the idea of providing off-peak and peak separate download limits. I can do normal browsing in the morning and work on my downloads in the off-peak time (12AM-8AM).

India is getting its share of broadband service providers but "shaping" is not part of the deal yet. Whoever starts this in India will be able to get a good lead ahead till the time others imitate.

There are a lot of providers in Adelaide too (the city where I am going to for my study) for broadband access. iiNet, however, has not yet arrived. Whirlpool says that due to the wholesaler AD NAP South Australia has the best plans for broadband in Australia.

Installation costs are high for broadband connections. Escape Net in SA provides broadband service at a competitive price with decent download limits. The problem is of installation and modem costs. Unless you lock in for a period of 18-24 months you will have to cough up more than A$300 for this.

I will need a good broadband connection along with a phone. Now the point is do I need a home fixed phone and a mobile phone or only one of them. This will depend on the kind of connection I would prefer.

Will provide an update when I select the plans in Adelaide.


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