Monday, April 25, 2005

Its been a week

Ok. Almost a week since I landed up here.
Adelaide is a nice place. The main city called the CBD or the Central Business Distrcit is small. The majority of the million people live in the suburbs. You can access most of the suburbs in 15-20 minutes.
I staayed at a backpackers for all this while. It was tough. It was more like a hostel. Some 8 (4+4) beds in a room. Common kitchen and bathrooms. People from various places were living there. Mostly they were travellers. From japan, China, Korea, Germany, Auastralians and others.
The Univ is a small 10 min. walk from my place. The main City West Campus where the MBA program is taught is a small campus located in the heart of the CBD, North Terrace. This makes it easier to connect to any part of the city. The infrastructure is modern. The computer pools are for 24 hrs and we good ADSL connections.
I like the library. The books, videos, the study rooms all make me feel that this is the place I want to be. I have been utlising the library facilities from day 2.
My course started on the 22nd. It's called "Contemporary Management Perspectives". Our prof. Murray Oliver is a nice lecturer. Some 17 students in my Intensive batch along with a couple of Indians. Some of the Australians are here with 18 years of experience!
The course mainly deals with Thinking Processes. Systems Thinking. Strategic Thinking and Quality Management.
It is a unique course in a sense. I am now working on Systems Thinking. I read the Fifth Discipline a long time back. Peter Senge from the MIT wrote it many years ago. It was tough top grasp it back then. It still is, but I am not able to understand it much better now.
I made some good friends in this week and hopefully will shift with them till July when my wife will join me.
Adelaide has seen a great influx of students this past one month. Looks like it will be tough getting a job.
That's about it for now. More next time.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Posted by Anonymous

27 April, 2005 06:09  
Blogger Thomas_69 said...

so maybe you could tell be what the mba is and what you do

28 April, 2005 21:54  
Blogger Jon said...

Can you not use your MBA to get yourself a job in the US? Or do you not want to move from Australia?

28 April, 2005 22:35  
Blogger Suhit Anantula said...

Hey Thomas:

That's what this blog is about. About the MBA and my experiences. You will know more about it as I go along. If you want to know anything specific, do let me know.

And Jon:

I think I may be able to use my MBA and get a job in the US. But that is after almost 2 years!


29 April, 2005 15:13  

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