Saturday, May 14, 2005

IT Conversations

I had heard a lot about "IT Conversations" however the download speeds in India did not provide me the chance to download or stream the conversations I wanted to listen.

Now in Australia it is easy! I have spent a whole evening yesterday and the entire afternoon today hearing some great interviews and speeches.

The ones I heard :

Joel on Software, The Software Paradigm Shift (Tim O'Rielly), Ben and Mena Trot (Movable Type), Alex Steffan (, Janine Benyus (Biomimicry), Steve Wozniak.

Do check them. They are amazing.
(this post has been updated. I used the mail-to-program to publish on the blog however it did not work well)


Blogger RK said...

This post is beyond my comprehension for the moment.

RK at

15 May, 2005 00:10  
Blogger HappySam said...

would this make you hapy as your mba?

15 May, 2005 06:08  
Blogger Smack said...

I'm working on adding syndicated links to my blog as well. Check out my Darth Side Feed...

15 May, 2005 10:00  
Blogger kahfei said...

There is a speech from Paul Graham on "Great Hacker" as well, what a great speech.

You can check out his site too

15 May, 2005 13:38  

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