Sunday, January 23, 2005

Networking Using Blogs

One of the strong points of doing an MBA is networking. But, how does networking happen? How passive and active should we be? How direct or indirect? When? Where?. The online world makes it easier to make networking happen early and fast.

Social Networking using sites is one of the ways that I mentioned before. The other way is to through blogging. Find the bloggers in a particular field that you are looking at. This could be a research area (social software), community (bottom of the pyramid), geography (moving to Australia) or business networking (web services).

Anita Campbell provides an example :
Oh, and if you needed any further evidence of the networking power of blogs, how's this: Paul Woodhouse of The Tinbasher blog in the U.K. attended the session! He is in the process of relocating to the U.S., and through blogging, a number of us were already acquainted with him. So when he came thousands of miles to a foreign country, he already had a ready-made group of business contacts. That's networking!
So for all the MBAs and would be MBAs, start blogging and start connecting. It is one of easiest ways to know people and let others know about you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And then he checks Technorati and finds that you've mentioned the power of networking using The Tinbasher as an example.

I never quite get over the networking aspects of blogs. It tends to throw something up of interest on a daily basis. 

Posted by Paul Woodhouse

29 January, 2005 08:04  

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