Sunday, January 16, 2005

Entrepreneurship and Social Wealth Creation : New Elective in Wharton

Entrepreneurship and Social Wealth Creation

: The basic thesis of this elective half-semester course is that many social problems, if engaged entrepreneurially, create opportunities for launching businesses that simultaneously generate profits and alleviate the social problem. This approach generates social wealth as well as entrepreneurial wealth. The course is distinguished from public sector initiatives to address social problems, and also from “social entrepreneurship” programs where social wealth creation is a by-product rather than the target of the entrepreneurial effort. Students are expected to begin the course with already conceived ideas for entrepreneurial solutions to social problems.

Lecture, discussion, live case studies (presentations of students own work)
Requirements: Classroom participation, interim assignments, final business plan
Prerequisites: MGMT801 strongly recommended.
Materials: Coursepack and recommended textbook.


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