Tuesday, January 18, 2005


The University of South Australia or better known as UniSA has been pioneering online education for sometime now in Australia. It has been on the forefront of using the latest technologies to the use of the students and staff at the university. Now, UniSA launches a new portal called MyUniSA.

IDM.net.au reports :

The University of South Australia has incorporated a new online portal that aims to help students manage their time better so that they can keep organised and therefore reach higher performances with their courses.

MyUniSA has been created in-house at the University over the last six months and allows students to manage information such as emails, results, timetables, enrolment details, library loans, Internet and print quotas and their financial status.

It has unified all of these information sources, which students previously could only access separately. Now, however, they can access all of this information on the MyUniSA portal from anywhere in the world.

Richard Lamb, the leader of the MyUniSA portal design team, said that the system was developed after ideas were discussed with thousands of students
Technology needs to be used to make things easier, better, faster and cheaper for people. Initiatives like these will go a long way in boosting productivity all round.


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