Friday, January 14, 2005

Study Abroad : 'experience of a lifetime'

The Purdue Exponent on the experience of Purdue students who have participated in the study abroad program.

Stefanie Tarman was another study abroad student who fell in love with her host city. Tarman, a senior in the College of Consumer and Family Sciences, studied in Adelaide, Australia, through an exchange program at the University of South Australia.

"It was awesome, a really cool city to study in because it wasn’t too big," said Tarman.

Leaving home was more intimidating for Tarman because she was one of the few Americans in the program, and the only one from Purdue. She decided to take studying abroad as a challenge.

"It was a good time in my life to kind of get away," said Tarman. "So I figured I’d go for it."

What she didn’t expect was to feel comfortable in her new setting so quickly. Tarman met a lot of people through her program and was able to travel to many memorable places like the Outback, the Great Barrier Reef and the Australian cities Sydney and Melbourne.


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