Saturday, January 29, 2005

Indras' Drishtikona on the MBA

Mr. I R Sharma asks the most important questions for India. He tries to provide answers to some of them but definitely he makes it a point to make you question the status quo and think what can be done.

He blogged sometime back about the value of an MBA in India. A list of questions.

...the first question doubts the necessity of these BBA and then MBA courses and why are these becoming so popular.

  • Is it only because the boys that have these degrees can get some jobs? There is no research on the type of jobs these boys are getting engaged in.
  • Is this education relevant to the long term requirement of business and society?
  • How good is the quality of the education provided in most of these business schools?
  • How good is the quality of the faculty engaged? Why do we not get to know about their research works?
  • Why are even our top management schools such as IIMs not placed in global ranking?
  • Can the faculty provide the right direction to the students when they themselves don't have sufficient exposure in actual management of enterprises?
  • Is this education of management becoming the exclusive preserve of the affluent classes or higher middle class?
  • Are the most of the business schools other than some very famous ones not absorbing those children who fail to get into other professional courses?
  • Is it the easiest way the mediocre finds to get a professional degree?
  • How good is the content of business education? Should MBAs be more specialized in content?
  • Are the schools more interested in raising their resources? Should there be some cap on fees?
  • How good are the ratings of B-schools appearing in various news magazines? How serious is the present shortage of faculty?
  • How many of the members must be on the permanent roll of the B-schools and what percentage should be visiting?
  • Why can't all admissions to the B-schools be made through one common entrance examination?
  • What should be the basic qualifications for those seeking entrance? Why are the requirements of recruiters not researched?
  • Why can't some value training be a part of the MBA?
  • Why are they not useful to smaller enterprises and the rural India?
  • How can one create a manager out of somebody who has never worked before joining the B-schools?
  • Do the people with work experience find it difficult to adapt to an academic environment?
  • Are the present MBAs better in handling the people working for them in best way in actual business situations?
  • Do they have the soft skills required for it?

  • Whew! That was a long list of questions? It just goes on to show the paucity of "quality" MBA programs in India. I guess I will answer these someday.

    What are your experiences in your country?


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