Saturday, January 29, 2005

Networking using Blogs - Part Two

Blogs can be a good way to Network.

The possible reasons :

  • You know about the person through his/her blog before you make a contact.
  • You can choose before making the contact if you want to connect or not, unlike in physical networking where random selection works.
  • You can work on the relationship for sometime before you decided to extend it or not and say meet offline. In this way you have the chance to make more meaningful relationships.

  • I have been looking at various ways to start my networking before I reach Adelaide. Social networking tools like LinkedIn and Orkut are good. I will take them up at a later stage. At this point I am trying to work through blogs.

    Anthony Hicks has done a great job in creating this list of Aussie Blogs. Apart from creating the list he has also provided links to other Aussie Blog links, Meet Up links and various other blog rinks related to Australian bloggers. This is the kind of sites which can be used to start the networking exercise.

    Since I will be moving to Adelaide, I will first connect to people who live in Adelaide. This is what I can do.

  • Check out the list of bloggers from South Australia.

  • Check out other lists like Adelaide Blogs.

  • Join Aussie Blogs Web ring which will bring in more people interested in Aussie blogs to my blog.

  • I can now join the Weblogger Meetups in Adelaide.

    Now comes the hardest part. Check various bloggers, see if I like any of the blogs, connect to them and then attened the Meet Ups offline when I am Adelaide.

    I will update here on my progress.


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