Thursday, April 28, 2005

Jobs in Australia

I have moved in with a couple of good friends called Rohan and Grishm. They are Gujaratis from Bombay. I will stay with them till my wife joins me in July in Adelaide.

Now since I am settled in Adelaide the next step in the journey will be to find a job, of course a part-time job. According to the visa regulations here I can work only 20 hrs a week.

There has been a large influx of students in the past semester here and the job market has become highly competitive. The rates are going down, especially on the casual jobs and the market temp and part-time market has excess supply.

Getting a job would make it a easier for me to manage my living expenses and may be save some money too for my next semester fees. I have started sending my resumes to various jobs and consultants.

A lot of students do a variety of jobs like Kitchen Hands, Call Centers, Retail Sales, Supermarket jobs etc. I am looking at a job where I can use some of my previous experience and which is not as bad as a kitchen hand.

I am hoping that I will get some decent job. In case anybody can direct me to a good job please e-mail me : anantula [at] gmail DOT com


Blogger blogger said...

did you try Booz Allen Hamilton? Check out lets talk booz allen blog

28 April, 2005 22:11  
Blogger Chaos Worrier said...

I don't want to sound harsh but if you can't find part-time work, then that does not bode well and I wonder why you are doing an MBA...

I have an MBA and now run my own IT consultancy business, with several employees. This includes providing best practice management, HR and business process advice to clients.

The trouble I have is that I saw so many people doing MBAs with no real focus or practical background. I personally believe that people should not be able to commence a MBA course without having proven themself as having a practical history in the "real" world.

Don't get me wrong; this does necessarily have to be practical experience in management or even business but some practical experience working in teams and communicating in a work environment, based on the field you are going to hopefully manage one day...

I'm sorry but if you cannot find p/time work in the field that you already have an under-grad in, this casts a shadow on your ability to fit into a role with some corporation.

My brother-in-law made the mistake of doing a busines degree and found that with no practical experience, nobody was willing to hire him, for even relatively junior roles. He ended up in selling roles for a fair while (and even then companies were not jumping at offering him jobs).

Bottom line: In general, I recommend people spend a few years working in the field of their under-grad (or at least in the environment they want to pursue in the future) before embarking on a management post-grad.

29 April, 2005 13:51  
Blogger Suhit Anantula said...

Hey Chaos Warrior:

Nice to know about your consultancy. I totally agree with your analysis that if you do not have any practical work experience then it does not make sense to do a MBA.

In the blog entry I wrote about the general state of the students in Adelaide, in UniSA. This also is limited to International students who have come here with limited or no experience.

On my part I am trying to get a job which has an element of work which I have done in the past. And I did do some decent stuff in the past,

Let me try my luck. Thanks for the advice, will keep updating.


29 April, 2005 14:03  
Blogger johnnyshap said...

Hi Suhit,

Came across your blog cos it there was a link on my , must be part of that top blog thing you mentioned.

Good luck for your MBA, I have not done one myself, probably a little too young at this stage, but I have a few friends that have. They've all said its a great way to take a time-out on your current career -, think, be educated and refocus and ensure that you're doing what you want to be doing in life...

In terms of finding a job, it can be discouraging. I've heard endless stories of

I've been looking to change jobs for months,and I've found it very difficult. Qualifications, education and experience dont make the task any easier, they just make it the same frustrating game but on a different level. I've also come from overseas and this can work both for and against you- I myself, have been working in a call center for the past few months. Not the ideal job but I have to do something to pay the rent. Its all part of life

For what its worth, have a look at my blog posting - its advice on how to find a job on the net - based on my experiences on how to find a job in oz on the net - hope you find it useful!

( i promise I'm not trying to give my blog a plug:), just thought you might enjoy it )

Well good luck in the job hunt , and with the MBA !


01 May, 2005 21:02  
Anonymous Australia Jobs said...

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Hopefully you can get your dream jobs there.

06 November, 2008 16:02  
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Blogger Ian said...

personally, I find you all a little out of touch,however,I do agree with the comment that post-grad education should be conducted once real life experience has evolved. To me an MBA amplifies the skill and talent that you have already shown. It gives you the fundemental guildlines to conduct high-end business to the next level. Daddy's boys who can't think of an original idea or get off there a*se, have wasted a priviledge....and have personally down-grade the degree....which is quiet honorable...

21 June, 2009 00:29  
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Anonymous MBA Jobs said...

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Reply ASAP.

19 April, 2010 20:08  
Blogger ahmed said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo Indian Man,

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello,i m doing my MBA from INDIA this is my last semester.i m looking for job in Australia.

18 February, 2012 05:01  
Blogger Tim O'Brien said...

best wishes for you! may you get a good job soon.
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29 November, 2012 04:08  
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