Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Apprentice

Ok. I may be the last MBA student to have started seeing the Apprentice in its their avatar. I have been following the hit show "The Appretice" in Australia. It is aired every monday on Cnel 9.

Now Apprentice is interesting game for all people involved in organizations especially the MBA types. Donald Trump created a new reality show where he has a unique process of selecting a top candidate to work for him. The candidate needs to go through a gruelling process of interviews and selections to join the show and the work through all the tasks and emerge as the winner at the end of it.

I think there a lot of lessons learned from the show. I did a small Google search and found a plethora of websites devoted to the show. If you want to know more check these out.


Blogger sumandatta said...

i watched The Apprentice all thru last season(Star World) and it was gr8! u shud see some of the inventive ideas these competitors come up with...and the foolish mistakes the make too :-) Also good are the comments Trump makes while firing the ppl which tells us the traits tht managers shud hav.
nice show.but this season its become quite repetitive and i feel the contestants of the earlier show were smarter. so i hav stopped watchin...but for a first timer,its great...keep watchin

17 May, 2005 22:03  
Blogger RK said...

I also loved the original and last years' show, but this year I have sort of lost interest.

This is much more interesting; take a look at this:


18 May, 2005 13:41  
Blogger McZENEZI said...

In Brazil we had a version of the Apprentice, named "O aprendiz" and Roberto Justus was the man like Trump to say: - You are fired. It was interesting because of the criativity and interchange the candidates must have. Maybe we will have the version 2 and I will watch it, since I think it is stimulating. Best regards from Brazil. See y'all.

20 May, 2005 00:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a good movie

20 May, 2005 01:36  
Blogger wild bill said...

I saw a few episodes of the first season, and I figured it wasn't my cup of tea. but if you like it, by all means watch it to your hearts' content.

20 May, 2005 06:30  
Blogger EmailHosting.com said...

I love the show personally. I hope to become a big time success like Donald one day. Until that day comes, I'll pick up ideas.

20 May, 2005 08:13  
Blogger Vix said...

I watched the first season of Apprentice, but somehow I just didn't follow the second season. Heard that the third season had more fun with Martha Stewart in the show as well, wonder if it'll be great...

21 May, 2005 03:22  
Anonymous connect2gaurav said...

Well Apprentice is all about business management skills and the survival factor in the "jungle" of business arena. Personally speaking, it is kindaa fun and with season 3 started in India, excitement is climbing up.

21 May, 2005 14:51  
Blogger Kedar said...

I think it is most ironic thing that a failure in business, and epitome of public money hogger is making a show and MBA's all over the world are taking it seriously.

22 May, 2005 10:38  
Blogger CTP said...

I'm so glad Kendra won, that crazy mo-town bitch was an absolute TOOL and deserved to lose.

I mean what kindof idiot bags out their team in a series which emphasises teamwork above all? If you did that in the FIRST round they would send you packing let alone in the final round where they INTENTIONALLY GAVE YOU A BAD TEAM TO SEE HOW YOU WOULD REACT!!!

22 May, 2005 15:50  
Blogger HisHighness said...

Whatever lesson you learn from The Apprentice, I hope it's not how to do your hair like "The donald" Cuz....damn.....

Liberal For Life

24 May, 2005 19:07  
Blogger Gary said...

I like the show too, but I have never been that impressed with the contestants. they seem to have above average intelligence but I have they never accomplish anything. About the Donald is he really that successful his casino just emerged from bankruptcy.

30 May, 2005 01:27  
Blogger sihai said...


04 June, 2005 07:54  

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