Monday, May 29, 2006

Australia: A Small Business Country

I have been in Australia for more than a year now. Adelaide in that sense is more of a small country town than a big city. It is a problem to find a job here while studying for most of the MBA students.

Some of the students have graduated a couple of months back. It remains to be seen what and when they get a job.

One problem seems to be the fact that Australia is a small business country.

At June 2004 the number of active businesses on the Australian Bureau
of Statistics Business Register (ABSBR) was 3,015,318. Of the total
number of businesses, 837,078 (28%) were employing, with 2,178,240
(72%) non-employing.

The majority of employing businesses, 754,504 (90%) had between 0 and
19 employees. There were 77,656 (9%) businesses with 20 to 199
employees and 4,918 (1%) businesses with 200+ employees.

This is from the ABS through Google Answers.

A large number of businesses were small business who did not provide employment, next lot were small businesses which provided employment and the next lot just about 5,000 companies had employees more than 200.

This seems to be the critical problem for employment for MBAs in the country. Generally, MBAs are sought by large companies as they can afford them. A small business cannot afford to have an MBA and even if it does the expectations are way higher than a large business.

This can help in understanding why it may be tough to get a job after the MBA.

This is just one aspect of the situation. As a recently elected student representative to the Board of IGSB, I have decided to take up the issue of career services to the MBA students as my priority. This school lacks the basic of services and they have slowly come to grips with it as more and more international students are joining the school and demanding it.

However, I have not yet seen any great strategy to solve this issue.


Blogger David Best said...

I'm in the process of finding a job myself. I hear you man.

31 May, 2006 16:27  
Blogger Vishal Sharma said...

If you look at business coomunity in Australia, tahn you will find 70% -80 % approx business are mall to medium size business, which has 10 to 100 employess or bit more, which means there will be less managers required Rest are big multinational where managers will be required.

Another one is with a population of 22 million or somewhere near that its not a very industrialized economy, it thrives more on tourism and farming rather than hevy and infrastucture based economy, which means they are mostly small business.

And one fundamental difference which is true mostly in developed nationa is that people are not higly qualaified at young age like Indian and Chinese, because people start working (practical knowledge gain) here at the age of 10-12 yrs and by the time they reach 30 or 30 + they have 10 - 15 yrs of experience which mean they have already leraned a lot of nitty gritty of business, only some polishing is required for their skill, than they will goto Univ for some cousre like MBA, as you might have found that most pepole who do MBA are already in a very senior position (doing this part time) and quite old as well.

I will say you have a better chnace of findaing a job in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and if you are into Minning like industry than Perth. But in general mostly people end up getting Jobs in Singapore after Doing MBA from here.

I hope this helps you in yr thoughtprocess.

22 July, 2006 04:19  
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