Monday, January 24, 2005

I'm Not From Here

For International students, moving to a new city is always a tough exercise. Leaving your roots, friends and family and moving for many years is a decision which requires a lot of strength.

It would be so much easier if we could make some friends, contact people living in that city, know more about life there before we even shift to the city. Once we reach the new place we will need help for accomodation, jobs, utitlity services, medical services, banking etc...and if we could find a guide(s) to show us the way it will make settling into the new place a lot easier.

Dave Pollard points to this websites I'm Not From Here.

"This is the website for the 'Transplants' group. We're a social group for professionals, ages 20's - early 50's, single or married, who have moved into a new city and want to build a circle of friends and a sense of community in their new city. (And you can join even if you're a native of the city where you live.)"

I am exploring the option of starting this service in Adelaide. I am sure this would be a useful service to many people. What do you guys think?

Any ideas on how to make yourself comfortable in a new city?


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