Thursday, January 27, 2005

SEO - The New PR

Are the MBA programs keeping up with the change?

Seth Godin points to Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Watch :

“Search marketing is more than buying ads -- SEO is the search world's equivalent to public relations. It also doesn't mean that you have to link spam, comment spam or content spam. Content-driven SEO -- I'm writing more about this next week -- is something anyone should be considering.

You can have all the great content you want. Neglect some basic things to make your site search engine friendly, and you aren't getting in. It's like saying that you need never reach out to the press, they'll just somehow magically discover you've launched a new product, done something interesting. Search engines are better at discover, but outreach still helps -- SEO is that type of outreach.”

Seth adds his two points :

First, the entire Search Engine community is now more important than it was a year ago. [Second ]Today, it’s different. The bar is higher. People have figured out how to make online offers that work.

Now coming to the point. Does the MBA curriculum contain books by Seth Godin, teach us about PR, blogging, Ad Words, SEO, Social Networking. Are the MBA programs adapting to change?


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