Friday, May 06, 2005

CMP - The Course

I have taken "Comtemporary Management Perspectives" as my first and only course in my first term. In a way I am lucky to take this as my first course.

Before I begin, I want to explain why I am lucky. Since UniSA has intakes every term and there a finite number of core courses taught every term we need to decide and join the ones which are run in the term we join. In that sense I am able to do this because I joined the term 2 starting April.

Ok, now what is CMP? This is a thinking course. Our Professor, Mr. Murray Olliver is a guy with business experience and a academic too. I have joined the Intensive style for this course. This means that my classes are going to be from 9 AM - 4 PM every alternate friday against the regular course which will run from 6 PM - 9 PM every week.

Each course or subject is for 11 weeks. So at the end of it we have appx 30-35 contact hours for each 4.5 credit course.

[To the MBAs reading this, is this normal. What has been your experience in terms of contact hourse?]

This course is all about how to think. Murray says that there has been a lot of complaints about the way the business schools do not teach people how to think and that this course is solve that issue.

I think that "thinking processes" are more important than what you can learn in the school. Knowledge changes, but the ability to understand new knowledge and may be create your knowledge is far more valuable.

The course starts with Systems Thinking. Systems Thinking is all about "the whole" and the "not the parts". The ability to see the interrelationships and inter-dependencies in any system.

On the day of the lecture some designated students need to prepare a response to a question from one of the topics taught. The entire course is broken up into 10 topics and through 10 weeks we finish all the topics.

I decided to take up the "What is Systems Thinking?" question and its applications to organization. I made a small presentation on that to the class. I am finding a way to host my file. I will upload and post the link here to my presentation.

Anyway, this course then goes into understanding Globalization, Strategy etc. I will continue to post as we go on with the course.

As part of the course we need to do a group project and one individual project. These projects will help us think strategically and make use of the ideas and tools we have learnt in the course.


Blogger taku said...

Thank you for an enlightening post on thinking. I was raised by a very militant parent whose favorite expression was "Don't think, just do!" Unfortunately, I have a very literal turn of mind and thus interpreted her order to mean that I was to let everyone else do my thinking for me. Not a good situation for anyone, especially a young child.
Of course, this has presented problems throughout my life. I'm not bitter or angry but recognize this as an extra hurdle for me to overcome in this life. Thanks to your blog I now see that I'm not completely alone.

06 May, 2005 19:27  
Blogger Thoughtcurry said...

Hi Sujit,
Tried unsuccessfully for an MBA this time. ISB denied admission after an interview. Got through PGSM at IIMB. Am not keen on it. Am trying to improve my profile by getting a global experience. Am travelling to the US for a year. Will try for the 2007 session.

06 May, 2005 21:15  
Blogger Albert L Berriz said...

Nice bloggin'

Check out free cognition, you'll enjoy it.

07 May, 2005 03:38  
Blogger Suhit Anantula said...

Sankha or Thought Curry:

Sorry to hear that.

I think IIM B is pretty good. However, you can also look at the new IIM A program which is for one year starting in 2006.

Anyway, all the best for your US experience and your future MBA.


07 May, 2005 12:25  
Blogger Suhit Anantula said...


I am sorry to hear about you. But I guess it is never too late.

One of the learnings of the CMP course is that we all have our own mental models.

Like, your could be one that of not thinking only doing, mine could be "my thinking only"...

It depends on each person. HOwever, the important part is that we all need to change our thinking, learn new mental models and try to understand the paradigm changes taking place in the world.

So, be strong and start now...Its never too late!

07 May, 2005 12:27  
Blogger sumandatta said...

hi sumit
good 2 see u r already @ it (givin us snippets of the course :-) )
lookin forward to more stuff from u...

09 May, 2005 15:28  
Blogger Andrea said...

I'm studying online at the Uni of Newcastle, because they have the Environmental Management option. It is totally online, and i find i dont spend nearly enough time at it. They suggest 10hrs per week, depending on the subject I think, but i think it should be more, and if you are conscientious, ends up being more. That is the nice thing about Masters level courses, you have the time to follow leads, and do other research and reading, and go off on tangents.with the online ones, this is definately so. In a good subject there can be a real flow of discussion...but it is a bit 'pot luck' depending on the students in the course. In my undergrad i barely had time to hold it together with something like 6 courses at once.

15 May, 2005 16:42  
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