Friday, April 29, 2005

Visits to the Blog

Originally uploaded by thegreenguy.
After the publication of my article I have been recieving massive number of visitors to this blog.

Check out the picture of the statistics that SiteMeter has been collecting.


Blogger Irzan said...

Hey ... thanks for visiting my blog .. i got your link from the referring pages ... nice job at your blog! Very professional look and very straight-forwarded approach ...

Keep up the good work... maybe we can link each other someday ... :)


29 April, 2005 20:10  
Anonymous Raj said...

Thats' an awful lot of traffic! Would love to see your views and thoughts on the MBA program.

03 May, 2005 20:49  
Blogger Telmy said...

hello can i visiting Bless?i'll show your picture wow thas very interesting picture,hows you occupation?actually i know its good,wow great.i didn't know how to make picture, like your pictrues all of us look so nice.sorry see you takecare

09 May, 2005 08:55  

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