Saturday, April 30, 2005

The reason for the traffic....

I have been wondering all this while about the increase in traffic to this blog. I figured out that it could be because of the article I wrote on Oh! My News International.

Now I realise the reason for the traffic. I am on the top of the Blogger "Blogs of Note" list. Now that is the reason for the mad traffic.

I sure don't know how they select the blogs but I am happy to be there!


Blogger Adriano said...

Soon to be Master Anantula,

Although I'm a modest 18-year old university student, I've got to say congratulations on your blog status. Your endeavor is admirable and I look forward to a more thorough review of your site, when I'm not as bombarded with projects and assignments. I wish you the best of fortune,

Adriano, a random on-looker

30 April, 2005 21:29  
Blogger Mr_Gadget said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

30 April, 2005 22:10  
Blogger RK said...

I truly believe that if you are reading this, it is not a coincidence--go to:

01 May, 2005 00:24  
Blogger samantha said...

It's luck. Your location isn't anything unusual.

01 May, 2005 01:35  
Blogger sepehr said...

i dont know what you are thinking about , or what you have in your mind that going to say , i like to get to know you more then i talk to you more

01 May, 2005 02:58  
Blogger charpy said...

I'm hear to read about your experiences in going to grad school in Australia. I'm from US, not India, but I still think I'll learn something.

01 May, 2005 03:29  
Blogger wazupyall76580 said...

can you help me figure out how to do more with my blog???

01 May, 2005 04:04  
Blogger Albert L Berriz said...

Cool blog. Check out free cognition, I think you'll ejoy it.

01 May, 2005 14:02  
Blogger Zafar Toor said...

congrats on your blog status...

mind if i give a plug to one of my friends blogs...

01 May, 2005 14:50  
Blogger Mark said...

I need ideas for my new website for college kids..PLease come post..

01 May, 2005 22:40  
Blogger Yanzinhu said...


02 May, 2005 01:39  
Blogger Sodi News said...

Congratulations Suhit!!


02 May, 2005 04:50  
Blogger Tookey said...

Congratulatins, you must be very good at writing good things. I'm just an everyday person who started blogging yesterday. Injoy the glory while you can!

02 May, 2005 06:24  
Blogger Mr_Gadget said...

Hi Suhit,

Well done!
I'm also thinking about doing an MBA but it won't be in Adelaide! :)

All the best!

Mr.Gadget Australia

02 May, 2005 22:25  
Blogger Big Ben said...

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03 May, 2005 10:21  
Blogger Suhit Anantula said...

Dear Mr. Gadget:

Youhave a cool website. Do continue your good work.

And all the best for your MBA. Do let me know your experiences.

Dear Big ben:

Thanks for the kind words. I will continue to do my best.


03 May, 2005 12:33  
Blogger Michael said...

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06 May, 2005 08:10  
Blogger g katyan said...

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11 May, 2005 14:31  
Blogger Andrea said...

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15 May, 2005 16:10  
Blogger jeeny said...

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