Friday, April 29, 2005

In Other News Tiger is here

I am a big fan of the wonderful Apple Computers and the insanely great Macintosh.

I bought a Apple iBook G4 for my MBA program here. Apple will launch the newly awaited OS X Tiger for the Mac.

I have "Panther" on my laptop. If its worth the money then I will upgrade to Tiger in a few months.

Note : For all the Windoes world users. After the release of the new Mac OS X some years back Apple has decided to name all its OS versions after the big cats.


Blogger Ari said...

I find it a rather interesting moment to find Apple lovers.

I simply migrated to Mac when my office had migrated me onto the parallel universe where everything works, being a passionate graphic designer my work flow has never felt better.

A fact you should know that Steve Jobs actually loves Big Cats and thats one good reason for him to baptize the best products.

I'll contact you pretty soon..

29 April, 2005 16:19  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of Mac just to be frank. The OS is not compatible with softwares sold in the market.

Sticking to reality, some cats may go extinct in the future. So I suggest you start promoting the OS ... before it closed down itself.

01 May, 2005 20:00  

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