Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Masters of Business Imagination

The Innovation weblog points me to a manifesto by Jim Carroll enshrined, The 'Masters of Business Imagination' Manifesto.

Jim says :

Complacency in a time of rapid, disruptive change can be a death sentence – not only for organizations, but for the careers and skills of those who work there! It's time to abandon the thinking that has had you anchored firmly to the past – and to shift your focus to the future, with enthusiasm, motivation and imagination.

You can do this by abandoning any pretence that the skills of yesterday will be important tomorrow. Figuratively and literally, it is time to move beyond the thinking that has led us to a world of MBA's – Masters of Business Administration – and focus upon the critical skill that will take you into tomorrow.

The world doesn't need more administrators. It needs more MBI's – Masters of Business Imagination!

The elements of an MBI
  • see things differently
  • spur creativity in other people
  • focus on opportunity, not threat
  • refuses to accept the status quo
  • the ability to bring ideas to life
  • has the skill to learn and unlearn
  • refuses to say the word “can't”
  • accepts challenges with passion and enthusiasm
  • embraces change rather than shying away from it
  • listens to people who are different then them
  • lives for the opportunity to have ideas challenged and debated
  • instead of saying “it won't work,” asks the question, “how can we make it work?

The MBI Manifesto is a call to action – a call to creativity – and a call for imagination. Pursue the MBI, and you will rediscover a world in which change and challenge is turned in to opportunity and success.

I think Jim is right that the world is changing and we need to change the way we teach our future leaders and ourselves if we have to make a difference. The one thing which a lot of people do not include is that "as we have become a society of organizations" it is important that the skills considered to be useful for a "business guy" should be relevant to anybody. From Educators to doctors to not-for-profit guys and everybody in between.


Blogger futuresandoptions said...
your site is informative.keep up the good work.

25 May, 2005 22:56  
Blogger Pipo said...

That MBI concept is a good one.

I totally agree.

28 May, 2005 01:17  
Blogger David Best said...

Nice...Great perspective...revelant for more than just business

28 May, 2005 09:04  
Blogger artdinosaur said...

Let me write a bit about my self.
I am a Korean.
My name is Kyoung Jun Shin.
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hobby. I am pretty consistent but my practice is primarily reading,not speaking is really horrible.
hellp me.
I'd appreciate any insights,ideas and thoughts on this issue

you care to share with me.

Any suggestions for...

Any comments on what's good and what's not?

Got to go.

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28 May, 2005 12:40  
Blogger Suhit Anantula said...

David and DJ:

Yes the MBI is a good concept. I think the main point is not a new course but changing the MBA program..

Kyoung Jun Shin:

Greetings to you too!

I think the best way for you to learn speaking in english is to start speaking. If you cannot do it with other people, I suggest that you record your speech on a computer or other recorders and hear it back.

The more you do that the more it becomes easier to pronounce the words.


28 May, 2005 13:08  
Blogger Lauro said...

This MBI thing is a really good concept. And I agree even more when you say "that the skills considered to be useful for a "business guy" should be relevant to anybody. From Educators to doctors to not-for-profit guys and everybody in between".

Great blog.

29 May, 2005 11:58  
Blogger ~ AppU SuGathAN ~ said...

The Masters of Business Imagination. The name itslef is attractive ..

As i am plannig to do my MBA could u please suggest me something good .

30 May, 2005 02:15  
Blogger GSM said...

I think MBAs are totally out, MBIs are the future, I totally agree...

30 May, 2005 06:02  
Blogger Suhit Anantula said...

Dear Appu:

What are you looking at as your options for the MBA?

Do mail me about your background and then we can discuss.


30 May, 2005 13:37  
Blogger Shivendra said...

Hi Suhit,

It's a nice space you have.

I feel like taking up an MBA in Australia, and do a project on "Beer, Australian for Beer, FOSTERS!!.." :)

Happy Clicking!

31 May, 2005 05:38  
Blogger Shivendra said...

By the way, My blog address would be:

Lemme know.. :)


31 May, 2005 05:40  
Blogger ausme said...

Hi Suhit
I tremble at the basics of MBI.
The Christian is taught to stand upon the rock of truth; seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding; count the cost before "going into battle".
Above all, to filter these concepts into loving our neighbour as ourself (i.e. a due regard, respect, honour and integrity. It would also include not storing our millions in warehouses where they "gather rust" but helping those that need help - the poor.
It is a community rather than an individual viewpoint

01 June, 2005 13:01  

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