Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Systems Mapping of Yuan, Again

In the past I wrote about my course - CMP - where the first part of the course concentrated on this model of thinking called "systems thinking".

In order to get to understand the concepts better I had created a "map of the yuan peg" showing the direction of change and the effect it was having on many factors.

However, the map created using MS Word was not satisfactory.

I found this wonderful application today called the "CMAP Tools". This provides an easy way to create a concept map and it can be used as well of systems thinking. The tools helps you create easy to understand maps easily.

Systems Mapping of Yuan_IM

Click here for a larger version of the map.

I am sure that this map makes better sense than before. Do let me know your thoughts on this.


Blogger Maldini said...


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Entrad y disfrutad sin encajes.

Nos vemos.

02 June, 2005 07:39  
Blogger Line, Déya e Lú said...

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02 June, 2005 11:31  
Blogger sumandatta said...

from whence these french/portuguese comments?

02 June, 2005 14:55  
Blogger Abel Arthuro said...

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03 June, 2005 02:07  
Blogger Sarah said...

Nice map of the system... if you could also show the causes and effects, it would add value for a trader.

Sarah -

Investing and making MONEY tips

03 June, 2005 02:40  
Blogger maryanne campo said...

There is also another inexpensive software/tool for mapping - !nspiration, you can even download a free trial. I really like i;t we even created a 'map' for an IT grant and then roll it over right into a WORD document, where you can add the 'map' right into your research. I wish I had used this software for my masters action research project.

03 June, 2005 13:54  
Anonymous Tan said...

heh, do you mind sending me the template ( html code ) for your blog???

I have one of my own and i am thinking of 'upgrading it'.


04 June, 2005 05:20  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

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05 June, 2005 18:25  
Blogger red-jazz said...

regarding your yuan map, it is simple enough to use standard software like Viso or Powerpoint, that can be almost found in any standard PC or notebook.

07 June, 2005 23:24  
Blogger Rt Hon Anon said...

Hope you enjoy your time in our wide, brown land!

08 June, 2005 11:42  
Blogger DAK said...

I haven't had a chance to look CMAP Tools, but it seems to be a static representation.

You might want to take a look at Stella ( to create a dynamic model of the yuan peg. A grphical representation allows you to layout the relationships graphically. Using parameters you can then see how the whole system responds to multiple changes.

08 June, 2005 14:40  
Blogger Suhit Anantula said...


I did try word/powerpoint but what I found was that CMap is exclusively suited to make it easier to write while showing relationships and its easier to make the Map.


I will be checking out the software you have suggested. yes dynamic mapping would greatly enhance the ability to forecast the inherent dynamic relationships.

09 June, 2005 13:06  

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