Thursday, June 16, 2005

Top Marketing Blogs for 2005

Marketing Sherpa has announced the Top Marketing Blogs of 2005.

Seth Godin wins the best individual blog. I think that is absolutely on the dot. Seth is the best in the business. gets a special mentions (which basically means the next best blog). I never read that. Need to check that out.

Ducktapemarketing has been good for small business owners. However, I used to follow that before, but have stopped following it for now.

Small Business trends
gets a special mention. Great going Anita.

Best group blog goes for Marketing Vox. I check this once in a while.

Check out the rest of the blogs at the site.

As I am now moving onto my next term, I will be taking "Creative and Accountable Marketing" and "leadership dynamics" as my two courses for thr term.

I am planning to update my Bloglines Folder on Marketing before that. Also, I am zeroing onto taking "marketing" as my specialization. And it seems that UniSA is famous for its marketing courses.

However, I find it strange that they do not have all the Seth Godin books???


Blogger Anita Campbell said...

Thank you, Suhit! When did you move to Australia? Hope you enjoy it there.

- Anita

23 June, 2005 12:00  
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