Monday, May 21, 2007

End of the MBA and Future Plans (last post)

Two years past by and I have finished my MBA. I thought this is a good time to share my experience and my future plans.

The main goal of doing the MBA was to learn a set of new skills; take some time to understand myself and create a vision of what I need to do in the future. Moving to Australia from Bombay was a chance to also create a better lifestyle for my family.

Now that I have finished the MBA I can say that most of the goals were achieved and I am happy I took this decision. The MBA did bring about a more strategic understanding of the business world, increased knowledge & skill sets and a sense of what needs to be done to create success.

More importantly, over the last two years I realised that I can combine my interest in finance (in ADP), the social aspect of making a difference (in Deeshaa); Business development and entrepreneurship (in and environmental activities in the current job (in DFC) into creating a career in the field of "sustainability and business" which dove tails perfectly into my values, beliefs, philosophies and future plans.

If you want to understand what I mean by "sustainability and business" check this link -

This realization in 2006 then directed me to explore my ideas and now I am well into a journey to work in this area. (

One of the great learnings was to establish myself in the university, in the community, making new friends, the workplace, understand a new culture and a new country. This learning will stay with me forever and will make a difference on how I view life now and in the future.

The best part was the multi-cultural experience of living in Australia. I had the opportunity to meet, interact and enjoy with people from various parts of the world. It is a unique experience that is available in only a few countries of the world.

Another interesting experience was to meet Indians from various parts of the country and the world and South Asians from Pakistan and Sri Lanka. There is so much in common.

Where am I going from here?

After finishing off my application for a permanent residency here in July, I plan to explore job and consulting opportunities in Australia. If a really good opportunity comes up then I may look beyond Australia. A visit to India is due around September of this year.

As this quote from Marcel Proust says, "The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" .

I have developed new eyes.

Thanks to all who have followed this blog or have passed through it. The blog has served me well and I hope you have enjoyed it. Today is the end of this blog.

Looking forward to a exciting new life. Keep in touch!

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