Thursday, June 23, 2005

Reflecting on CMP

One of the ideas that I have seen and the patterns that I have observed in both CMP and Leadership Dynamics is the rejection of one-size-fits-all and the embracing of situational ideas.

In Strategy, the various schools are made into a single process and each style used for a specific situation.

In a similar fashion, in Leadership Dynamics, the first Reading is about using different leadership styles at different times depending on the situation.

The hint which I need to understand here is that there is a need to understand the various techniques and tools and develop and the knowledge and wisdom necessary to use them at the right time. That is the crucial challenge.

The University can only provide us with guidance, with structure and direction, it can provide an environment and resources to study, it can and will provide ideas and authors relevant to the course and it can teach what can be taught. In fact it will concentrate mostly on what can be taught in a university (atleast one in the present form of organization).

What is left for students is to understand various ideas, learn tools and techniques, develop some skills but always swing back to experience, reflection and writing as the way to develop understanding. Through time and thought we can develop Wisdom.

This in a way is the understanding of the Uni in the bigger scheme of things for a student.

The discussion with bryan has provided some similar conclusions about marketing. The University can concentrate and provide some quantitative skills which can be easily taught (comparitively) however, it is upto the student to understand the needs and select the electives which he can mostly learn in a Uni and others which he can learn himself and in the job.


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