Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Podcasting started as a rage some months back (its less than a year) and is becoming a rage and coming mainstream fast.

Think about it. From blogs we have moved so fast to get audio content into people's computers and iPods (that's where the name has come from).

The great thing is Apple has realised that this is something which they should capture and have released their latest version of iTunes, the 4.9 version which has podcast listening built it. As from Apple, it has made it easier to search, find, subscribe and add your podcast. Wow!

The entire podcasting ecosystem has been created. They now have 3000+ podcasts and new ones have started getting added.

You can check out PodFinder from Adam Curry where he introduces to new podcasts. Radio Channels have started podcasting from ABC News, CBC News and many others. Then you have ameaturs like The Graduates. You have GM on Cars and the Gilmore gang.

I think this is an amazing new medium. It does require lots of bandwidth, more HDD space and lots of new time unless you have a iPod where you can carry it along on those bus rides or exercise times.

Are the marketing guys looking at this new medium?

Sidenote :

I am moving furniture to my new home tomorrow. I need to a pooja (traditional Indian ceremony) before I get the furniture in. Something like housewarming.

Sadly, I will be the only person attending it. Anyways, will blog about it and post some pictures. It sure sounds exciting.

I also ordered for my ADSL2 Internet connection. Adam Internet in Adelaide provides speeds upto 22 mbps (that's right guys, MBPS). Most of them get 10 mbps - 15 mbps. Its still good.

So waiting for it come in and then I can do a lot more things with my iBook. Ya, if I can earn the cash to upgrade its RAM from a measly 256 MB to 789 MB.


Blogger David Best said...

I wish I could attend your pooja.

I have no idea what it looks or feels like, but I would come anyway, just for the experience.

Unfortunately, neither walking not public transportation (my primary means of getting around) will get me there in time.

sorry : (

01 July, 2005 06:16  
Blogger Andrea said...

I reckon you should invite everyone you know to it. That's what i plan to do when i finally find a good place to live!!

10 August, 2005 19:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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13 September, 2005 07:30  
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